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Custom Needle Gauge Status

Key Product Info

Custom Needle Gauge Order Status for February 2014 Delivery

Thank you for placing an order for our custom needle gauges.
We are busy compiling all of the orders and order inquiries for this production run and will be getting back personally to each customer in the next few days.

If you have already submitted an artwork to us, then we will get back to you and advise you of the following:

  • Using a previously submitted artwork (you are all set)

  • The artwork is acceptable as is

  • The artwork is not acceptable "as is" and needs to be vectorized*. We will secure a quote for doing this is you wish or you can have it done, or you can change your order to be a "text only" artwork.

  • The artwork needs to be adjusted to the 2.5" width x 1" height envelope which we will do.

  • The artwork is acceptable but you may want to add some text to the artwork to better fill in the 2.5" x 1" envelope.

  • We need clarification of the qty you want and the type of packaging (bulk, bag and tag, bag only)

  • Other - we will let you know what other issue may be affectinbg your submission.

We cannot proceed in submitting the overall production order for all of our customers in this production run until we get everyone squared away. So we need everyone's assistance to respond to any inquiries we issue in a timely manner. If you will be out of your shop or otherwise unavailable, then please empower someone else in your shop to work with us. If we are unable to get a response from you within 24-48 hours of our request, we may need to drop you from this production run and refund any monies that you paid.

If you ordered Bulk gauges, we will ship your gauges in a stack with no individual packaging. If you ordered gauges "bagged and tagged", each gauge will come packed in a poly bag with a generic hang tag inside.

If you were not an offocial Wholesale customer for Nancy's Knit Knacks before, you are now! That means that you do not have to meet the minimum opening order requirement after ordering gauges. You may order any quantity of our product that you wish. Need a Heavy Duty Ball Winder or Swift, or just a dozen Notion Cases?  No problem, you can order anything that you like at whse pricing.

If you want to order from our Shopping Cart you will need to first register in the shopping cart. Be sure to enter
B2B as the Registration Code or the system will not recognize you as a whse customer.

Thanks for purchasing our needle gauges. You will find that theese are the best gauges that you can buy, not only because they are very accurate and easy to hold, but because they will have your shop's name on them!
In the future, after you sell these (or give them to your customers as promos), then simply re-order another batch. We run production 4-5 times per year so even if you miss a production run, you can always get in on the next ordering period.

Questions? Please email us or call

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